The Boise Climbing Team believes that coaches play 3 main roles: trainers, mentors, and motivators. 


Brannon Frank

Brannon is the founder, owner, and director of the Boise Climbing Team.  He began coaching 4 climbers on the Urban Ascent Climbing Team in 2013 and since then has built the team into its current form (the Boise Climbing Team was birthed in Dec. 2016).  He believes deeply in the “larger-than-climbing” life skills that kids can develop in climbing programs. His current mission is to be the best possible self in everything he does and he wants to help all his athletes do the same. MORE

Taylor Kiley

Taylor has been an active climbing coach and instructor since 2011, and has been coaching with the BCT since 2016. Taylor has a diverse perspective on overcoming barriers that come between failure and success in climbing. Climbing is an incredible vehicle to draw a parallel between climbing goals, and aspirations outside of the sport. Taylor is strong at highlighting insecurities & weaknesses within athletes climbing, and adapting it into a positive strength within their lifestyle. Taylor believes climbing has a unique way in developing a sense of community, and steering passion into a person’s character. MORE


Shannon Montaño

Climbing is such a passion for Shannon because it offers an opportunity for focused concentration and meditation. When she's on the wall, every other thought drifts away, it dissipates and the only focus in her mind is her body, the wall, and her breath. Coaching is a passion because she loves to see this same notion of focus in young climbers, even without prompt. She believes that climbing has a special kind of magic that nurtures people to be strong, capable, and confident. MORE


As trainers we help climbers improve in the following areas:

1. Risk Control- We train climbers in all of the systems and mechanisms that we use as climbers to prevent injury.  Our climbers’ skills and ability in this area is of the most importance (more than being a great rock climber). 
2. Mental Training- We train climbers to grow in mental toughness.  We want athletes to use their mind as a tool for success instead of a roadblock.  
3. Technical Training- We train climbers’ the technical skills it takes to be an exceptional climber.
4. Physical Training- We train climbers in the physical requirements of rock climbing while not forgetting that our athletes are climbers first and trainees second.
5. Performance Training- We train climbers’ in the skills and tactics required for optimal performance in competition and on rock.


As motivators, we help fuel athlete’s desire and passion for climbing. 

1. We strive to exemplify all of the characteristics we are trying to instill.

2. We praise hard work over talent which sends the message that trying, failing, and learning is more valuable than remaining in the “comfort zone”. 

3. We believe:

  • Goal setting is key to continued motivation.  It not only helps our athlete’s stay focused on their climbing but also teaches them valuable habits that (if continued) will help them throughout their entire lives. 
  •  Most of the general population (including our athlete’s) has the genetic potential to climb 5.14 and V11.  Our message is that if they want it bad enough and work hard enough they could climb at this level. 


As mentors, we keep a “larger than climbing” focus.

1. We create deep and meaningful connections with kids and help them navigate life when appropriate.

2. We believe that the skills and habits gained in this sport will translate to a better life outside of climbing. 

The best coaches embody all of these roles and have a deep desire to see their climbers’ succeed in reaching their goals.