Brannon Frank


Brannon is the founder, owner, and director of the Boise Climbing Team.  He began coaching 4 climbers on the Urban Ascent Climbing Team in 2013 and since then has built the team into its current form (the Boise Climbing Team was birthed in Dec. 2016).  He believes deeply in the “larger-than-climbing” life skills that kids can develop in climbing programs. His current mission is to be the best possible self in everything he does and he wants to help all his athletes do the same.

Tell us about your climbing journey:

I grew up in Oklahoma as a competitive wrestler for 13 years.  I loved the hard work and discipline that was required to be at the top of my game.  Initially, the pressure I felt during competition was overwhelming but I soon learned to thrive in it.  Climbing is very similar to wrestling in that it’s you and the rock- there’s no one else to rely on or blame which creates a lot of opportunity to learn and grow as a person.  I decided not to wrestle in college and this is where my passion for climbing was born. I found climbing while visiting a friend in Kansas City who took me to a gym. Since then I’ve been able to climb in multiple U.S. destinations and a few around the world.  

Most Memorable Sends:

  • “Make it a Double”, The Fins (First 13a), 2015

  • “Checkerboard”, Buttermilks (V8 Flash), 2017

Favorite Climbing Destination: Europe

Favorite Things Outside of Climbing/Coaching:

  • Game night with friends

  • Reading

  • Listening to podcasts (Invisibilia, This American Life, NPR, Tim Ferris, Ben Greenfield)

Brannon’s Links: