Description of Fees, Travel Packages, Scholarships, and Financial Assistance

 All of the fees described below are subject to change based on leadership’s discretion.


Team Fees- Team fees are used to pay for the work of climbing coaches and BCT staff to:

Coach at practice and local competitions

Plan training programs to reach team and individual climbing goals

Organize team activities (including competitions and other climbing opportunities)

Other climbing team expenses (coaching certifications, equipment, etc.)

Late Payment Fee- A $10 late fee will be charged if payment for team dues is late.

Competition Fees- All local competitions have a registration fee that will be paid directly to the gym upon registration. These fee’s vary (anywhere from $35- $100).

Championship Coaching Fees- For Championship competitions (Regionals, Divisionals & Nationals) there will be a “coaching fee” in addition to the competition packages listed above. This will be used to pay for the work of coaches.

-       For Regionals- $50 per climber

-       For Divisionals- $80 per climber

-       For Nationals- $160 per climber; In addition, climbers attending nationals will need to cover any travel expenses of the coach.

USA Climbing Fees- In order to qualify for Regionals, you must be a USA Climbing member.  The fee is roughly $100 (paid to USA Climbing) and lasts for one full Bouldering and Sport and Speed Season.  Championship competitions (Regionals, Divisionals, and Nationals) also have an associated fee upon registering.  Please visit http://www.usaclimbing.org/


Competition Travel Packages- The packages below do not include snacks, lunch or dinners.  Please provide your climber with the necessary food and/or money for meals. Deadlines to purchase these packages will be 2 weeks before the competition. 


Transportation- We coordinate transportation to the best of our ability.  Parents who help us transport climbers will be compensated for gas.

Breakfast- We will cook a team breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning before the competition.  A typical breakfast includes eggs, toast, protein (sausage, bacon, etc.) and fruit.  Please let us know if you have dietary restrictions.

Sunday Morning Gym Fees- Before heading back to Boise, we have a team practice at the local gym in town.  We will cover the cost of your climber’s day pass. 


Scholarships and Financial Assistance- We want all athletes with the desire to be on the climbing team to have the opportunity.  Because of this, we offer scholarships and financial assistance to those who couldn’t join the BCT otherwise. You can find the application here. Please don’t hesitate to contact boiseclimbingteam@gmail.com for more information on these possibilities!

-       Boise Climbing Team Scholarship

Possible because of the generous donation of raffle proceeds raised during competitions at Asana Climbing Gym. The BCT has around $500 to give to an athlete/ athletes who show financial need- scholarship application is required.  Email boiseclimbingteam@gmail.com for more details.


-       Financial Assistance

The Boise Climbing Team also offers discounted program fees to those who couldn’t otherwise afford to join the BCT.  Email boiseclimbingteam@gmail.com or speak with Coach Brannon Frank for more details.


Outdoor Trips, Training Trips, and Miscellaneous Events- Costs will be figured based on the trip.