We're very proud of our climbers and want to support them and acknowledge their accomplishments on and off the wall! Here's what some of our BCT Alumni are up to now.

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Kieran Hadley

I’ve been climbing for nine years. I am 17, and my passion for climbing first started at the local YMCA in Boise, and after a year of climbing after school every day I was invited to join the Y’s competitive climbing team. In 2013 I joined the Boise Climbing Team because I needed more advanced training and coaching. Now I am almost finished with my freshman year of college in Salt Lake City; I graduated early so that I could move to Utah and devote my time to outdoor climbing. Along with climbing, I love surfing, photography, and being active in general. MORE

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Instagram: @kieran.hadley


Olivia Little

I am currently 18 years old, and this fall, I will be begin my undergrad studies at the University of Virginia. My older brother got me hooked on climbing back when I was in 8th grade. I decided to give it a try too! I have now climbed for five years, having climbed on the BCT ever since I began. MORE


Fallon Rowe

I am currently 21 years old, and just finishing up my Geology degree at Utah State University! I have been climbing for 15 years. I started off on the YMCA team in 2003, but I outgrew their facilities, so I eventually switched to Urban Ascent when I was in middle school. Although I started off as a competition climber and sport climber, I mostly do trad climbing now, and I am also getting hooked on big-walling and roof cracks! I absolutely love the movement, focus, strength, problem-solving, adventure, and friendships that I get from climbing. MORE

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Instagram: @fallonclimbs
Facebook: @fallonclimbs
Writing: @fallonclimbs

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