Taylor has been an active climbing coach and instructor since 2011, and has been coaching with the BCT since 2016. Taylor has a diverse perspective on overcoming barriers that come between failure and success in climbing. Climbing is an incredible vehicle to draw a parallel between climbing goals, and aspirations outside of the sport. Taylor is strong at highlighting insecurities & weaknesses within athletes climbing, and adapting it into a positive strength within their lifestyle. Taylor believes climbing has a unique way in developing a sense of community, and steering passion into a person’s character.

Tell us about your journey:

I began climbing when I was 15 at the downtown YMCA, just a week before the first bouldering gym opened in Boise. When I saw a boy my age named Ryan Guerra moving through a problem on an overhung feature through the gym, I was captivated and inspired immediately. He delicately & effortlessly, swam through these dynamic movements that I had never witnessed before. I had no idea what bouldering/climbing really was until that moment. I was truly inspired. He later became one of my best friends.

Unfortunately due to health concerns, after only a year or so I was not healthy enough to continue climbing. It took me a four year battle, to step back on the wall and begin again. In the time period of not being able to climb, I continued to teach climbing. The circumstance of only being able teach and examine other people’s climbing, and not actually physically engaging in it, lead me to forever change my perspective on moving through hard sequences and projects on the wall. Watching people fail over and over on a move, and then seeing what lead to their success on the climb was my greatest teacher.

Most memorable sends:

"AL’s Diner" The Fins (5.13a Flash), 2016
"DOA" Swan Falls (V11), 2016

Favorite things outside of climbing/coaching:

Reading Richard Brautigan
Eating Burritos
Looking for New Climbs