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First paragraph/intro:
Annt when I was in middle school. Although I started off as a competition climber and sport climber, I mostly do trad climbing now, and I am also getting hooked on big-walling and roof cracks! I absolutely love the movement, focus, strength, problem-solving, adventure, and friendships that I get from climbing.

Where are you now and what are you doing?

I’m currently in Logan, UT as I finish my undergraduate degree in Geology at USU. I’m working as a climbing instructor and routesetter right now, which is super fun. I’m applying to post-college jobs all over the western USA, so it’ll be fun to see where I end up!

What’s your 5 year dream?

In 5 years, I hope to have found a good balance between work and traveling for climbing while living in southern Utah. Ideally I’ll be working as a geologist or environmental educator, and climbing as often as possible! My dream is to climb all over the world and put up big wall first ascents.

What do you like best? Indoor or outdoor climbing?

I appreciate my roots in indoor climbing, but I’m definitely more in love with outdoor climbing!

Trad, bouldering, or sport?

Trad all the way!

What’s your most memorable ascent?

My most memorable ascent was probably “Grand Wall” (5.11 A0 IV). It’s a giant trad climb on this beautiful big wall in Squamish, BC, Canada. My partner forgot a headlamp and a jacket, and since we started too late in the day, we had to climb in the dark. It was really cold, and I was trying to free and aid my way up this crazy granite route without being able to see! It definitely pushed my limits. We were moving slow once the sun went down, and we also ran out of food and water. It took us 19 hours car-to-car, which is ridiculous. The climb was worth the Type 2 fun, though.

Where is your favorite place to climb?

My favorite place to climb is Zion National Park. It’s basically a sandstone Yosemite without the climbing crowds, with tons of first ascent potential! I’ve loved all of the climbing I’ve gotten to do there, especially “Monkeyfinge,r, “The Headache,” and “Smashmouth.”

What was your favorite competition moment?

My favorite competition moment was when I was a part of the BCT. I was about 14 years old, and I made finals in a bouldering comp at the old Front in Boise. There was a spotlight on me and the energy in the gym was nuts! I finished the women’s finals problem and the crowd went insane. I could hear all of my friends and the rest of the community supporting me—it was an amazing feeling!

What was the hardest moment for you as an athlete?

The hardest moment for me as an athlete was when I broke my foot, ankle, and leg in fall 2017. I was highball bouldering in Joe’s Valley, Utah when the topout hold broke off the boulder. I fell 20 feet and broke tons of bones and tore all the ligaments in my ankle. I had to have two surgeries, and then I didn’t walk for 3 months. I’m still recovering, but I can’t wait to return to climbing. No more highball bouldering for me, but I’m stoked to get back to sport and trad as soon as I can!

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